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DNA-V online self-paced course is live at last!

Hi everyone, We are excited to invite you all to our new DNA-V online course. After years of pouring our heart and soul into a youth model of acceptance, mindfulness and positive psychology we are thrilled to be able to spread it to the people who work with teens no matter where they are or what their profession—clinicians, counselors, social workers,[…]


Download the latest resource – Helping families build their social-view

  Click here to download the tip sheet – DNA-v tip sheet – Social view at home Relationships are the essential ingredient to our health and wellbeing. In DNA-v we call this ingredient ‘social-view’. We try to build social-view skills to help kids, parents and carers strengthen their relationships. Social-view can help bring together your knowledge of attachments, friendships, connection, value[…]

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Discoverer helps us learn and grow

We have just finished a series of workshops in schools, including evening talks to parents, and this has left me with a sense that we need to do more to help professionals understand the discoverer in DNA-v.   The Discoverer is a behavioural process, linked theoretically to evolutionary principles of variation and selection. It is not synonymous with[…]

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Start using DNA-V with kids and teens, and you’ll wonder how you ever did ACT for kids without it!!

Get started quickly with FREE DNA-v Tip sheets and build psychological flexibility in families.  Joseph Ciarrochi and I have been working hard behind the scenes building a more developmentally appropriate model of psychological flexibility for kids. We knew that we could not approach child ACT as we do with adults. There are just so many important[…]